Thursday, August 19, 2004

Went out to dinner at a place called The Front Page near Dupont Circle last night. The food was OK, but the waitress was a little surly. Waiting tables is one of the suckiest jobs around and I respect people who are good at it. But there's no need to take out the surly mood on people who are friendly. Oh, wait, I'm in DC. She must've just had a wedgie.

Summer is almost over. I am looking forward to some cool fall weather, and some fall-madness house shoppers. I know a really cute place in Raleigh that's for sale, at 20% cheaper per square foot than most of the comparables in the neighborhood. A Back-toSchool Bargain!!

NewGuy was making fun of me for always pushing the house on my blog, but you know, it really is quite a steal. And cute! You should see the custom-built front proch with benches and planters, it's like having an nglish garden right outside your front door. We'd be willing to lease it, if someone isn't ready to buy.

Tonight I'm going to have dinner with my old friend from grad school and his family. ChocolateCake was the first person I TA'ed for in grad school. He always seemed like a square when he was teaching, but he's really cool. I guess he is a little square, really, but in a good way. The students all liked him, and so did I. I think he's still teaching at George Wash university in the evenings.

All for now- I'll ramble on a little more later. And HEY! Check out the new comments thingie! Try it out! Say what's on your mind! Don't lurk in complete silence, let me now I'm not alone in here! 8-)


PartnerInCrime said...

Can I get a what-what for you getting your comments on? Awesome!
I loved DC when I lived there, but I think the wedgie thing lasts at least all summer, if not year-round. I wasn't even there in an election year and everyone was pissy then, too. Go figure.

Schmogo said...

Say Hi to Chocolate cake for me.