Monday, August 23, 2004

Sadness, Relief, Bewilderment, Admiration, Reflection.

Those were the words for the day yesterday.

My cousin Teresa Truxillo (aka Sparky) passed away peacefully yesterday morning after a 17-year battle with cystic fibrosis. She was 19. She lived longer than anyone had expected, but not as long as anyone had hoped.


To say that we'll miss her doesn't do justice. There will be a little less laughter at the Starbuck's. There will be a little less attitude thrown around on cousin-outings. We won't have to watch our margarita glasses as closely, and my cousin Duck will have to find someone else to call "Squirt."


This one is a multi-use word of the day. First, relief that she is no longer in pain. Second, relief that some of my cousins and I made one last visit with her a week ago, and another cousin made it down to visit 2 weeks ago. Relief that I think she knew how much we all loved her.


That diseases like this still do not have cures. That there are drugs to improve erectile dysfuntion and to grow hair and there is not a cure for CF. More money is spent on finding an effective cure for "those last 5 vanity pounds." How can priorities be so backwards?


For an older sister who gave so much of herself to her little sister. She never gave up hope, she never stopped fighting on Teresa's behalf, and she was there with her to the end. They were more than sisters or best friends but something that most of us can only wish they shared with someone. T was lucky to have such a great force in her life. They were both lucky to have the time they had together.


Reflection on a life that was not long enough, but that lived enough for 2 lifetimes.

Remembering a little girl who laughed easily and ran around at full speed almost all the time.

In memory of a young lady who, pound-for-pound, was feistier than anyone I know.


PartnerInCrime said...

That's a great tribute, it made me cry. And so true.

leigh said...

for some reason decided to see if you had updates to your homepage, saw you're on the blog, and checked it out. prayers to you and family. and i'll agree with partnerincrime - great tribute. made me cry.

Dad said...

I don't know what plans are for the funeral, but someone should read this as a eulogy.
Maybe I'll just print it out and keep it in my pocket and carry it there.
Well said, Cat!

Cat said...

Thanks, Dad, I'd like it if you did that.