Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Me And Willie

Willie Nelson has a special place in my heart. He loves to sing, he loves to write music, and he loves his fans. He loves to travel in the Honeysuckle Rose and almost never misses a show. And he's just so darn nice.

Well, I'm on the road again this week, with a trip to DC (Rockville, to be more exact). I like going to Rockville because I stay at an Embassy Suites (fridge in the room!) that is in a shopping mall (with a Filene's Basement *and* a J.Crew!) near lots of good eats (The Grill From Epanema!). Hm. OK. Let's consider this. I'm trying to sell a house (want a house??) so I can't go shopping. I guess I could just look in the windows and try things on and then go to a nice restaurant. Oh, wait, I'm on a diet. Gotta drop 10 pounds before my cousin Twinkie#2's wedding in October. No problem, I'll just look at the menu, smell the nice food, then go to the grocery store and buy some Lean Cuisine(r) and go back to my room and cry softly into the TV remote control.

No, it's really not so bad. A friend from grad school and his wife/baby live in DC so I'll see them. I see them about once a year and it's always great. There's also my buddy OldMan who lives there, but last time I saw him we partied and drank too much until 2am and I had to work the next day and I am never going out with him again.

Yup, crackers, water, and good friends. Willie would do it too, if he had to squeeze into a teeny cheongsam dress in 8 weeks. And he'd have a good time doing it, and he'd never complain.

Hey, my cousin Cosmopolitan was wondering why she got her name. (sing songy voice) I'm no-ot te-lling! But I can say that she is the most cosmopolitan and chic person from Mississippi *ever.*

No evil intentions, I promise. HAPPY (2 days late) BIRTHDAY Cosmo! I hope it was a good one!

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