Monday, August 16, 2004


Well, we bought a new (not new, but new to us) house last March- seemed like a really good idea at the time, and I guess it was because it is a terrific place. BUT… the old place hasn’t sold yet. No, not yet. No, it still hasn’t sold. Oh, wait, oh nope. No Sale Yet. Anyone want a house?

Anyway, with the old house still draining the bank account, I haven’t been able to do ANY shoe-shopping. Or any other kind of shopping, for that matter. You have to know how much that hurts me. But there is a bright side- we have no cable! Yes, this is a good thing. I managed to sneak us into a cable-free lifestyle for most of the 4 years of graduate school. When I got a real job, though, I no longer had the “we can’t afford it and I can’t have the distraction” excuse. Damn. So for the next 4 years, we had not only cable, but Super Fancy All The Channels Digital Cable with On-Demand® bells and whistles and even High Speed Internet Access. *sigh* there goes my attention span, Bye-bye! Have you ever tried to have a conversation with me when there is a TV on in the room?

You: So, Cat, it looks like your dog was hit by a car

Cat: uh huh

You: I’m so sorry

Cat: Oh, thanks, yeah.

You: And Tony told me he is going to become a Republican

Cat: Oh, gosh. Uh huh.

You: And you have to leave for a 2-week trip to Omaha, NE tomorrow

Cat: OK, cool.

In other words, Welcome, Pod Person. I love not having cable. I want a few local channels, maybe some rental DVDs, but nothing where I have too much choice. I am already working on the excuse I’ll use once the old house sells. And by the way, still not sold yet. Want a house??

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