Thursday, August 26, 2004

Campbell's Soup Again, Just Can't Wait to Eat Campbell's Soup Again...

(sung to the tune of on the road again)

*warning: semi-spoilers for The Virgin Blue in this post

Willie Nelson is on my mind again. I bet he doesn't go on diets. I wonder what he thinks of Minneapolis? Not too many honkytonk bars here. I get to go home today. Yay! Good thing, because my hotel room was not conducive to good sleep (Pop!! Thunk! Hisssssshhhhh!-- all from the A/C across the room).

I'm still working on that T Chevalier novel. Darn book. It's really addictive, but I'm SO on the verge of vomiting with all the supernatural "woman's intuition" bullhooey. I mean really, come ON. OK, so this character who is living in today's world, is a midwife (Gasp! So was her Ancestral Grandmother from the 16th century!!!) whose name is Ella (Gasp! AG was named IsabELLA!) has found her family's old bible (GASP! She's from New Jersey and just HAPPENED to end up in AG's birthplace in southern France and found a LONG LOST FAMILY RELIC) and is having nightmares (GASP! That are reminiscent of AG!!!!) and then visits a distant relative who (GASP!) lives in the Swiss town that AG and her family relocated to in the late 16th century, meets another cousin who is pregnant and has had the same nightmare (GASP!! under the exact same circumstaces-- clearly it is a semen allergy of some sort), and when they visit the (presumably CURS-ED) house that AG once lived in (unbeknownst to them), BOTH our heroine and pregnant cousin have abdominal pains and cousin even has a miscarriage when they approached the (presumably CURS-ED) hearth, where (OK, I haven't read far enough to know for sure but here's what I predict) AG and/or AG's daughter were BURIED ALIVE in the 16th century (probably wearing a blue dress) but no one knew this, and I think soon they'll find an excuse to dig up the floor, be shocked, and then stop having nightmares and run off with the swarthy cabana boy (I mean, the librarian) and live spookily ever after. Oh, I can't take the SUSPENSE.

But I have to finish it. It's just so well written. Good writing, goofy story.

BTW, this is the same autor who wrote Girl with the Pearl Earring, which I've neither read nor seen (the movie). I hope it's better than TVB.

/*end of rant*/


PartnerInCrime said...

I saw the movie "Girl With a Pearl Earring", didn't read the book. It was good, although kind of slow. It had both Colin Firth and the hot guy from "28 Days Later" in it, so that was enough to make me happy.

Cat said...

All trespasses are forgiven if Colin Firth is in the movie. *sigh*