Friday, August 27, 2004

I finished that book. I was right about it.

The question now is, Would I recommend it to others? Actually, I would BUT- only if you're a bit of a romantic (I mean that in the true sense-- not as in, flowers and candies, but as in driven by emotion and intuition). I'm too much of a scientist to be able to really let go and enjoy something with so much transcendent melodrama, but the writing really is good and the author definitely knows how to keep the reader engaged. It's a great airplane read.

Speaking of airplane reads, I'll be flying to LA next week and am going to need a good read. Don't laugh, but I'd like to read Les Miserables (unabridged, in English). Sadly, all I know are the musical and the movie. Victor Hugo is a national hero in France and I'd like to find out why, first-hand. If anyone's read it and it's just horrible, let me know before I start on all 1463 pages of it. It'd definitely last for the whole LA trip, and the return as well. And, speaking of return trip, I somehow scored first-class seats the whole way home from LA. Go me! I guess I could use some of my upgrades to also fly First for the trip out there. It's long enough it'd be worth it. We'll see.

This weekend-- taking lots of brush and other yard waste to the dump, hoping to sell the House, riding our bikes a lot, and possibly house guests on Sunday night. Oh, and Dianaverse comes home from Marquette so we'll be getting her at the airport.

Have a good weekend!

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