Sunday, April 5, 2009

Last Weekend Before Working

This was the last weekend before my maternity leave ends-- never to have another week of maternity leave again, ever. Since we're sure that we've got all the children we want to have, I keep getting sentimental about the end of each thing: the last size NB diaper, the last time the fleece snowman footies will ever be worn...I know it'll go like that until they're off at college-- the last kid out of my house. I'm already getting empty nest syndrome, and the oldest isn't in preschool yet.

This weekend has been rough. If you're following my tweets, you know that e-baby caught some sort of terrible stomach bug with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, the whole nine. So far she's the only one with it, but I don't discount someone else catching it in the next couple of days. My mom has taken to calling e-baby Typhoid Mary (in an affectionate way, of course) and I catch everything she brings home from daycare. Stay tuned, I might be doing the lose-weight-quick food expulsion diet.

Other than that, we got an Easter Tree today and decorated it. It's white and hairy, about 14 inches tall, and sort of spindly. Any excuse to make ornaments and trim a tree with a toddler is a good one, and since the Easter Bunny leaves treats under it, we decided to get a fur tree.

I guess the only other things I did this weekend were address the baby announcements (watch your mailbox!) and finish up the taxes. It was a near-perfect tax year with the amount due to the feds almost equal to the amount due back from the state less the cost of Turbo Tax. Those little victories keep me going.

SO I'll be back at work next week, part-time for a week and then full time again. But if e-baby doesn't start looking healthier, I might not be there so much after all.


PartnerInCrime said...

Easter tree? Never heard of that one before. C-baby knows that the Easter Bunny is coming and will bring her "pwesents! And candy!", so she's very excited about that.
How is e-baby doing now? Hope she's recovered (and that none of y'all have caught the bug!).

Alphagal said...

She is doing much better today. I hope that the rest of us are in the clear. Another day or 2 should tell.

Lizard Breath said...

Been trying to post a comment but had no luck until now. Weird. Anywho, hoping your week is going well and e-baby is feeling better. How is a-baby doing at school? How are you doing in general? MYLY.