Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Because Blogging from my Phone is the Only Way to Blog

Thank you Mail-to-blogger feature! The only time I can steal for myself is while feeding Jambuca, so i'm typing with one thumb while the fingers of my other hand tousle the little guy's hair as he gazes at the lightbulb behind me and gulps like he hasn't been fed in 2 hours (which he has).

Last week went really well, and (except for still being sleep deprived) I feel pretty much back to normal at work. I've been able to walk to work a few times, and I have a mat in my office to do pilates at lunch. It's the right combination of crazy-busy tight deadlines and going to daycare twice a day to feed the baby. Big yen, big yang.

In e-baby news, Big Headline, girl is starting to eat vegetables besides canned whole green beans (no other kind will do. (Knock wood) Recently she has eaten corn on the cob, asparagus tips, baby bok choy, and spinach. Here's the catch- she will only eat these foods raw. It's a little odd to see a 2-yr-old with a raw corn on the cob and a tiny head of bok choy, but meh!

Actually, I inadvertently tricked her on one of those- she thought I called it Baby Bop choy (Barney the Annoying Dinosaur reference) but why correct her? Frosty the Snowman also had a corn pop pipe, or so I'm told.

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