Thursday, September 20, 2007

Someone left a bag of candies in the breakroom for people to munch on, so I grabbed 2 pieces of Starburst: a yellow one and a blue one. I opened the blue one first, because I couldn't recall ever having a blue Starburst. I ate it. YUCK! ACK! It's like berry-MINT or something! Pppppth! So I opened the yellow one, thinking, this one is lemon. I like lemon. But oh, no! It's minty too!!

I read the wrapper carefully: Polar Citrus Starburst.

Polar. Citrus. What?

Polar? Like arctic/antarctic? Like frozen tundra? With citrus? As in, if you like pina colada? Something has gone very wrong over at Starburst. I want my money back.

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