Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NEW POLL! (I keep Febreze in my office to spray in my bike helmet and shoes. Not so sure it really works. I'll let you decide.)

E-baby's birthday party pictures are HERE

Pictures from Isabelle and Le Chef's visit are HERE

Other random September baby pictures are HERE

The party was tons of fun. Poor e-baby got a cold for her birthday, which is obvious in some of the pictures. She alternated between CRYING and LAUGHING MANIACALLY but she was very happy when everyone sang Happy Birthday, she loved playing with birthday cake, and best of all-- gift wrap, bows, and lots and lots of dogs! Her best frind Season came over (and she kindly brought her parents along), DOTi the Dog came over (and she kindly brough Peace and Fuzzy along), Aunt Dianaverse came over, and Granny and Grandpa came over. It was just the best little party. E-baby got lots of terrific gifts-- many of them dog-themed. She told us all about each one.

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