Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Actual conversation over dinner (with apologies if you are eating your dinner):

Me: The doctor says we need to send in a... uh... specimen... so they can figure out why e-baby's feeling so poopy lately.
SNG: Oh, that'll be fun.
Me: Well, actually they need 4 specimens. I already did the first two and there wasn't enough poop.
SNG: So now we're waiting for another poop?
Me: Yeah. And it's your turn. You have to fill the containers until the liquid solution reaches to the "fill line." It makes me throw up a little.
SNG: Eew. Do they at least give you a spork?
Me: Yeah. It has 2 prongs.
SNG: Oh GOD I was kidding about the spork!

Now you can, in some small way, join in the fun we've been having this week.


PartnerInCrime said...

Well, better to do it for a baby. I had to do this for myself when I got so sick during my third trimester, and seriously, I don't think I've recovered yet. Oh, the trauma.
So what did the doctor say?

Cat said...

No news yet. It's almost certainly not a virus. It's most likely a reaction to cow's milk. I turned in the "specimens" this morning and we should hear back in 3-4 days.
I thought about if I had to do that for myself and it also made me throw up a little bit.

Lizard Breath said...

Poor little one! I wonder if she, like her Mommy, is lactose intolerant? Just a thought...

Cat said...

I now know more about milk intolerance than I ever wanted to... lactose intolerance is an adult issue and is quite unusual in children. Kids, on the other hand, more likely have an intolerance to cow's milk proteins, which is why they can often eat cheese or yogurt without any problems. I think that's e-baby's problem. When I was a kid, I had problems with milkfat, so that's also a possibility here. She might outgrow it in a few months. I hope so!

Lizard Breath said...

I hope so too! But, you're right. Mom told me about your milk issues. Maybe e will have to find a way around it? At least she can still have cheese! Yum, cheese. :-)