Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Updates all around...

The Wild-and-Crazy-Fad-Diet is going really well- 6 pounds down, 5 to go! It's still the most fun diet ever (except, of course, that chocolate-overload one, which didn't lead to any weight loss). We made "million dollar brownies" the other night-- that's where you make brownies in 2 layers, with a layer of peppermint patties in the middle. I dig diet food. hee!

Last weekend's frosty 50 ride was...um...challenging. It was about 35 degrees the whole time, and a little windy. It seemed to actually get colder as we rode on, so by the time we finished, after 3 1/2 hours of riding in the cold, we were all near dead. Then, going home in the sweaty clothes, which cooled rapidly on the way from the truck into the house, I developed symptoms of hypothermic shock. Uncontrollable shaking, blue lips, desperate cold. I stood under the hot hot shower and felt my toes crack into pieces for about 30 minutes, and couldn't even reach out of the hot water for my shampoo. FREAKING cold.

Next Saturday it's supposed to be low 30s and snowing! Yay! Then maybe I can get hypothermia *before* we finish the ride! Won't that be fun?

Seriously? If it's snowing? No riding. I will jog in snow. If you slip on the ice you're only going, what, 6 mph? Slip on the bike at 20 mph and you're off the hook for riding for the rest of winter.

Which might not be such a bad thing, come to think of it.

SNG says that if it's that cold, he'll jog... in little circles around the living room!

The dogs have a fence!!!! Yay!!! With gates and everything! They love it. Modean has been exploring the "back 40" most of the time, since that's the part of the yard the he couldn't get to from his leash before. It's also the most wild and overgrown part of the yard, so I think he's finding lots of stuff to dig up. And it looks like the chemo has helped. He is eating like a linebacker. Think Remission!!!

AND stay tuned, I will be updating my webpage soon! It's time to get some new pictures up there. I'll let you know when I do it. The biggest trouble is figuring out an easy way to mass-convert all my BIG picture files to smaller picture files, besides opening each one individually and doing a Save As.. for each one and reducing the picture quality. Because that's a pain in the arse.


Cindy B said...

SNG has the right idea. I'm all about indoor exercise when it's cold out. I even bought a pilates DVD for when it's too yucky outside to bother driving to the gym.

Dave said...

Hi Cat, there's lots of tools out there to do batch conversion of images. Try Advanced Batch Converter 3.9 which you can get from: http://www.download.com/Advanced-Batch-Converter/3000-2192_4-10351689.html?tag=lst-0-3

Alphagal said...

Thanks Dave- I will try that. If that solves my problem, then y'all will be seeing lots more pictures on my website!! :-)
PS- It's cold in Atlanta, but not as cold as Raleigh.

sng said...

it's snowing in Raleigh. enough that i'm worried about driving the truck home in it.