Thursday, January 6, 2005

Oh, MAN did I ever need that holiday!!!

Well, maybe not NEED, but I sure did enjoy it. We had a few ups and downs but overall it was just terrific.

First of all, the sad news-- Modean is not doing too well. He has lymphoma, the vet said he won't be around much longer. Poor dude. He's only 7 1/2. I'm most worried about Goofch, since they've been together almost every hour of the past 6 years. And I'm worried that it's going to take a long time to get over not hearing his little feet tapping across the hardwood floors. Or barking the geese out of our international airspace. But for now, he is still Mr Energetic and seems to have at least a few months in him.

But enough sad, onto the fun stuff. This year was not our usual holiday. No trip to NOLA this year (*sad*) but that also means we won't be saying "'the hell??" come February when the credit card bill arrives. For some reason we always end up spending hundreds of dollars eating when we go back home. Maybe that's because food anywhere else is inferior?? Well, yeah.

Anyway, so instead of the traditional Truxillo-fest in NOLA, we (SNG, Dianaverse, all 3 dogs, Voldemort's cat, and I) went to New Bern to visit SNG's family. It was a nice 3 days- a little walking, a little eating, a little Special-edition SNL Trivial Pursuit (sorry, Dv, your mom and I suck at SNL Trivial Pursuit), a lot of chocolate, some excellent gifties. And then some more chocolate.

SNG and I went back home again on Monday the 26th and I taught aerobics that evening (WHO the heck goes to the gym the day after Christmas?? My Divas do, that's who!). After that, every day was filled with biking, hiking with the dogs, shopping, going to the museum, and watching dvd's with Fuzzy and Peace. We watched all three extended-edition LOTR movies, Tue-Wed-Thur. Our eyes were burned to their sockets by Friday. Peace even had a nightmare about gollum. But it was way fun having friends over every evening.

This week I'm back at work, and it's our annual division meeting where everyone in the division (US only) comes together for various training, updates, comradery, discussions of the next year's plans and general fooling around. I love seeing everyone. The only bummer is that we're in solid meetings 9-5 every day, and I have *two* papers due to editors Monday next week and I think that means I'll be working this weekend. Oh well. Vacation's over.

You may also have noticed that I'm not out of town! Yes, that's right! I'm not scheduled to go anywhere until the 18th, when I'll be headed to Atlanta. My cousin Twinkie #3 lives there (along with 2 other cousins and one wife-of-cousin, an aunt and her partner and an uncle, but who's counting). Anyway, the hotel where we stay in ATL is in Buckhead, which rocks, and it's right next to a terrific mall, which rocks, and I have a hefty per diem, which really rocks. So, in honor of opportunities-not-to-be-missed, T#3's going to come stay with me at my hotel and we'll have a big 3-day slumber party, shopping, eating up the per diem, and catching up. It'll be just like summers when we were kids and I'd go stay in Laredo and she'd show me new and creative ways to get into trouble. Thanks, T#3, I owe so much to you! :-)

OK enough for now. Time to get to the meetings.

Oh- Da...Haydel? Everyone goes by an alias on my blog (you know, in case your boss or your mom reads it, nothing too incriminating). So, you will need an alias. I kind of like Da...H. Tell your mom and sister I said hi, and I hope they're doing well!


Cindy B said...

So sad about Modean, keep us posted.
I think I might be the only person left on the planet who hasn't seen any of the LOTR movies. I honestly feel totally indifferent about them. I never read the books, and I just don't care. Maybe someday I'll see the movies, but for now I love that it practically gives all of my fellow geek co-workers an aneurysm when they learn that I haven't seen them.

Alphagal said...

I know what you mean- I never saw Dances with Wolves until recently, and people always just FLIPPED out when I said I hadn't seen it.
Now that I've seen it, I still don't know why anyone ever cared about that film.
I am *not* a sci-fi or a fantasy fic fan, but I do love the Tolkein books, all of them. The movies were cool enough, but the books, I mean, the guy invented, like, 6 languages for them. I see it as a case study in obsessive-compulsive disorder. :-)
If you decide to never ever read any of them, that'd be cool. I now wish I could have the 3 hours of my life back from watching Dances With Wolves.