Monday, January 17, 2005

Since we don't have "real" internet at home, this is posted a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY songs today are dedicated to *TWO* of my most favorite people!!

.My cousin PartnerInCrime turned 29 Sunday (for the first time) and got an awesome new mountain bike!! Yay! Next time I come to Seattle, I am SO going to rent a bike and we'll ride together. I'm sure we can find a way to get into some trouble, if we put our minds to it! Happy birthday, PIC!

.My sister"-in-law" (they're not married, but they started dating about 100 years ago) turned 29 yesterday (for the not-quite-first time) and was washing dishes! I hope someone gave her plumbing to install a dishwasher in the kitchen for her birthday. Happy birthday, HMV!

It's funny that two people, one for whom I was a bad influence during her formative jr high years and the other who was a welcomed bad influence on me in my formative jr high years, share a birthday... Great birthday, great women. :-)

(for the record, I'm no longer a bad influence on anybody. And that whole internationalsmuggling thing? I've tried to keep others from being influenced. And the one time I was caught? Mom helped me do it.

And I'd do it again. Maybe I already have... >:-) )

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Atlanta. I have accidentally managed to have a lot of family in Atlanta. There's, from mom's side, 2 cousins and one cousin's spouse, and from dad's side, an uncle, an aunt and her partner, and a cousin. So going to Atlanta is a little like going home, even though I've never lived there.


PartnerInCrime said...

Thanks for the birthday shout-out. You know the next time you come to Seattle, I'm going to be living in the boonies. But we will figure out a way to get you & your rented bike out east where I'll be. We can ride around in the country, mock the alpacas and try to make them spit at us. Fun! :)
Tell everyone in Atlanta that I said "hi". Give StrawberryShortcake an extra hug from me.

Alphagal said...

I sure will. And spitting alpaca-mocking? I'm up for that anytime!