Saturday, May 3, 2008

Picnic in the Sun

Today was the annual company picnic. Calling the event a picnic is kin to saying that Einstein was clever, or that Mardi Gras is a party. Technically it's true, but it doesn't do justice. Besides the "picnic shelter," the annual picnic also occupies the softball fields, the soccer field and the jogging track on campus. There are acres of rides, games and crafts; "the Triangle area's best classic rock cover band" in one area, a DJ playing disco in another area, and a pub with beer and pool hall music in another; all the hog dogs, nachos, bbq chicken, garden burgers, chips, watermelon, ice cream and snow cones you can stand to eat; and on top of that, there are all your friends from work and their families basking in the sunshine or relaxing underneath the trees that surround the fields. Little kids EVERYWHERE. It's the antithesis of the winter party, and every bit as much fun. It was e-baby's first time to go, since last year Peace and Fuzzy's wedding was the day of the picnic. The wedding was even more fun than the picnic so we forgave them for scheduling right over top of it.

Anyway, so SNG and I put e-baby in the trailer and biked over to campus. As we rode in, SNG admonished me about not rolling down the grassy hills with e-baby. He also admonishes me about swinging REALLY high and JUMPING off the swingset we built for e-baby. I can understand not wanting to teach e-baby to jump of the swings yet, but I have no idea why he doesn't want me rolling down the hills. Come to think of it, in previous years told me that I shouldn't roll down the hills and I have no idea why.

E-baby played in the toddler tent, ran in circles in front of the ice cream tent, danced in the hula hoop area (which was HILARIOUS-- the disco DJ was right there, giving prizes to kids who could hula-hoop really well. E-baby would put a hula hoop on the ground like a little stage, step inside, and start dancing. If SNG or I tried to get into her dance ring with her, she'd say "No! Out." and go on dancing). She ate a hot dog and an ice cream bar. She played with a hundred kids and probably caught a hundred colds, but she seemed to think it was worth it.

So, we had a ball, ate lots of junk, visited with lots of people, and ended up escaping from the harsh sunlight on a hillside overlooking the inflatables under some trees with Peace, Fuzzy, and Spiderwoman. E-baby was running UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN the hill. SNG was chasing her, catching her each time she tried to faceplant. Poor kid already has a busted lip from faceplanting in the middle of the living room last night, tripping over her own foot, and she seems totally fearless about dirt-diving some more. After awhile, SNG was tired of the chase and said it was my turn. So I taught her about the joy that is rolling down a grassy hill. We had so much fun rolling. OK, e-baby needs to refine her technique but it won't be long until she's rolling with great style and velocity.

And oh now I am so itchy. There are a million red pricklies on my legs, arms and abdomen from the grass. Why oh why do I always have to roll down the hill? Stupid grass allergies! But you know what? I'll do it again.

In other news, we have rearranged the furniture in our guest room, and tomorrow we're replacing the matress up there. The room feels so much homier now. So if anyone was avoiding a visit on account of our guest barracks, it's time to reconsider.


Lizard Breath said...

I want to see pictures of E-baby rolling down hills! It sounds like the "picnic" was a blast! Tell E-baby that her Aunt Lizard says that busted lips go with the territory and to have as much fun as she can!

Cat said...

E-baby agrees with you.

PartnerInCrime said...

I love that e-baby shoved y'all out of her little hula hoop spotlight dance. The hill-rolling sounds like a lot of fun too (more fun than running, anyway, but that's just me).