Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hey! There's a New Poll

I haven't posted any polls in awhile, so there's a new one over in the sidebar. Just another way I like to let you feel like your voice is heard.

Recently, several people have commented that e-baby seems ready to start potty training, and since she can tell us when she's going potty in her diaper, we figured that was probably true. So now we have two tiny plastic toilets in our house, and e-baby has decided she doesn't want to wear a diaper at all anymore, and instead wants to tote her tiny toilet around, holding onto its side handles with the seat attached to her bottom like a nearsighted turtle. Or a hermit crab.

She uses it for its intended purpose only about half the time, and I do a lot of disinfecting on the floor.

If I knew for sure that you were eating right now, I'd tell you all about yesterday morning's pooptastic adventure. But, for all I know you aren't eating, and what's the fun of a poop tale if you can't ruin someone else's appetite?


PartnerInCrime said...

Wow, yay for potty-training! I kind of figured that she'd hit that milestone early since she's so verbal and was already doing the sign for poop when we saw her a couple of months ago. (And I kinda want to hear the pooptastic story, just because I'm thinking I might be able to top it with one of C-baby's Naked Time stories.)
Oh, and yay for the new poll, but you've gotta do something about the old ones. Have you ever tried to hit "back" on the browser after clicking on your blog? You have to hit it like 15-20 times because it has to go through all of the Google poll pages. Ay-yi-yi!

Cat said...

Yeah, sorry about that-- the "back" thing only happens on some systems. I will kill the old polls.
Potty training will be a looooong sloooow process, it seems. The daycare starts potty training the kids at 2 years, so I'm on my own until then.
But, I really wouldn't mind waiting since diapers are much more hygenic and I really don't like poop-on-the-loose (I know, call me crazy).
We can exchange poopventures when we next visit in person! Preferably over Mexican food!

PartnerInCrime said...

Let's just leave the refried beans out of the poop discussion, if you don't mind. :)
I don't blame you for leaving the potty-training alone for the most part. Or you can do Miss Moxie's technique and let her run around naked outside.
(Hope the link works!)

Lizard Breath said...

You guys kill me! For a quick poop tale, Miss C was really trying to go the other day in the tub so I hurriedly grabbed her, wrapped her in a towel and put her on the potty. Unfortunately for me, she managed to get that big girl poop out on the way and while I was waiting for a dramatic climax on the potty, she was trying to climb up my chest. I started to smell something, looked to my left, and low and behold she left a gigantic (when you are 10 months old, it is gigantic) poop on the tile next to the potty. Thank god for tile floors and disinfectant.
So, what is the sign for poop?

cat said...

Poop. Sometimes I think Beavis and Butthead would have loved parenthood.
Moxie's backyard approach is a riot. I think my neighbors would have a total conniption if I tried it.
The sign for toilet/potty is to sign the letter "t" and shake it. The sign for poop is a bit more complex, so I'd have to show you.
Poop. Fun.

PartnerInCrime said...

Btw, the sign that you showed me for poop? According to Patsy, that's the same sign you use for the s-word (makes sense, it's the same thing), so she said you have to be careful of using it in mixed company.

Granny said...

Hoo boy, am I ever glad them days am gone forever!

Cat said...

Well, I guess you'd have to be careful who you'd say defecation in front of as well, so that's always good advice. :-) But it is a good one to use with kids.