Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Every Good Boy Does Fine.

Poor e-baby. Pneumonia is not for wimps. Although she hasn't had a fever since Sunday night (the antibiotics are killing something in those lungs; you should smell her breath!), she is defninitely not well. Monday she went to sleep at 11am and was in bed for the night by 7:20, Tuesday she took a total of 5 hours of naps starting at 10:30 am. This morning she seemed to say "OK, mworld, I am SICK of being sick. I'm gonna have FUN." She played hard and by 11:40 had a biblical meltdown that lasted, I am not kidding, 35 minutes. Nothing made her happy: putting her in bed, going outside, lying down, standing up, carrying her around, food, water, books... Finally I just sat next to her as she screamed and writhed and when she had worn herself out a little, I asked her whether she wanted to go night-night. "uh-huh!" She was asleep in less than 2 minutes from the time I put her down.

All of this means that e-baby has been in no condition to go to daycare, and I don't want to expose her to any germs right now anyway. So I'm taking mornings off and SNG is taking afternoons aoff all week to stay with her. What's scary is that if SNG were still working at his old job, he would not be able to come home, and since I'm teaching every afternoon this week, I'd have had to cancel a class. Sick time you are actually allowed to take: one more reason I am SO HAPPY that SNG found a cushy gummint job.

So, there's the e-baby update in case anyone was wondering.

Non sequitur-- since e has pneumonia, part of my brain keeps wanting to say that she has pneumatic fever, which makes me want to say mnemonic fever. Which makes me laugh. I have mnemonic fever! A Rat In Tom's House May Eat Tom's Ice Cream. SOHCAHTOA.

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