Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Did We Do Last Sunday?

This is what we did last Sunday.

At about 9:15 Sunday morning, SNG said to me, "Do you think we should build that playset you've been wanting to make? Want to go to Lowe's and see what they have?"

The man usually won't string together real words before 9:30am, so I did a double-take before blurting out, "Yes! Let's go right now."

About 2 1/2 hours later, we were home with most of the supplies needed to make a 4-swing playset with a platform and a slide, and a bring orange race-car baby swing that e-baby chose by pulling it from the shelving compartment and climbing inside.

SNG worked mostly on his own for about 2 hours, and we both worked on it for the next 4 hours while e-baby took a loooong nap, and by dinnertime it was ready for action. Our new neighbors gave us an old slide that they weren't using which happened to fit our platform. I don't have any pictures of the slide yet.

It has been test-played by two other neighborhood kids who gave it thumbs up. The older kid (6) said the slide is "really fast" which has me a little worried, but e-baby seems to think it's a blast, judging by the magnitude of the meltdowns we've had every evening when it's time to stop playing on the playset.

Next weekend we will anchor the supports to the ground and put the race-car decals on e-baby's orange swing. It comes with both boy- and girl-ish decals, so I'll probably mix them up. The guys next door race cars on track and so they know all about the regulations for decaling a race-car. I just have to figure out what her number should be.


PartnerInCrime said...

So fun! And I looove the pics on Flickr. My M-I-L suggested buying C-baby a swingset for her birthday, but I asked her to please hold off until we're in a house that we're going to stay in for a long time. They look like such a pain to assemble (as I'm sure SNG can attest), I don't want to have to think about taking it apart to move it in a few months!

SNG said...

Assembly wasn't bad at all. There were a few issues, but it wasn't difficult.
But you're right, wait until you are where you plan to stay. You don't want to have to move one.

Granny said...

She has to be, of course, Numero UNO!