Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If the Mountain Won't Come to e-baby, e-baby Must Go to the Mountain.

Yes, yes, it has been a dry blog season. But I have a really good excuse. I'm super busy at work and actually getting important stuff done! Nine weeks ago I was given some documentation to use for a project I was to start working on, and then spent the six weeks teaching, usually traveling. So the 1/2 day here and 1 day there I had in the office/not teaching were spent picking my toes and thinking, "Hmmm, so what will I do to organize my thoughts? What was I doing a week ago when I last thought about this project?" Do you know that feeling, where you can't do anything because there are not enough contiguous days to devote to the thing?

But I've been in town for 2 1/2 weeks and it seems like I've gotten more done than the whole first quarter combined. Yay!

It has not, however, been a dry weather season. The drought has ended with a great deal of rainfall taking us down to mere level-1 water restrictions. Being allowed to flush again is nice, but being able to wash a car one day a week is still one day too many (snark). The rain does ruin jogging-to-work plans, but better to get to shower in non-reused water like the good old days.

OK, I'm exaggerating the water restrictions a bit. But not much. There was actually a rule that you could not water indoor houseplants with potable water.

And now, an e-baby fable.

SNG, e-baby and I were sitting on the kitchen floor, e-baby on SNG's lap jamming on her steamer. She had asked for some "chee-wees" (does anyone remember Lance/Tom's snacks? I call all cheesey puffs "Chee-wee," so now e-baby does, too), and I told her no because it was almost bathtime. She protested but let the issue drop pretty quickly.

After her steamer, she stood up and went behind SNG, grabbed the shoulders of his shirt and pulled them UP! and said "UP daddy!" so he stood up. Then she came to me and said "UP mommy!" so I stood up. Then she went and found the step-stool I use to reach things in the kitchen, and put it right next to SNG. She grabbed my hands and lifted them and said "UP! UP!" so I climbed up. I wondered if she wanted me to kiss SNG, since she likes to make us kiss sometimes. But no. Instead, she busts a triumphant grin and completely out of nowhere (so it seemed), she says/signs "GOLFISH?" And where was I?? Right in front of the fridge, eye-level with the snack-bag, the Goldfish crackers peeking out the top. All part of her carefully orchestrated plans.

It seems the mountain always comes to e-baby.


Lizard Breath said...

Ah, so it continues! I am glad to hear that our slight influence on E-baby is still present! Go goldfish!

cat said...

Oh, that child would eat nothing but chee-wees and goldfish crackers if we let her. She doesn't yet share her mommy's love of grilled asparagus.

PartnerInCrime said...

That's awesome. Girl knows how to get what she wants!
C-baby goes through phases with goldfish - one week on & one week off. Not sure why. Cheesy puffs (like that Pirate's Booty stuff we had at your house) are a totally different story. She'd eat those until she exploded if we let her.

Dad said...

That is hilarious. The kid knows how to get what she wants. And after the frustration with "TEEMO" she wanted to make sure her dork parents got the picture.

Dad said...

That little girl definitely has management potential!