Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Girl Wants to Party All the Time

In an ironic twist, SNG is out of town this week and I am doing the baby care thing by myself. It's outrageously busy at work and this would of course be the week that e-baby gets sick again. I can only blame myself for that. We went to Marbles (the children's museum) last Saturday and she played in the cloudy greyish splashy water exhibit with a dozen other kids, one of whom was apparently communicable. The one time I didn't wash her hands before leaving the museum. So, of course, I am getting the Crud as well.

It's unusual that I take care of e-baby alone at home. Maybe it's because she was waiting for Daddy to get home, but tonight she wanted to play all night long in her room. Might also be the Crud keeping her from sleeping.

In the category of Stupidest Parents Ever: Sunday, we had two of e-baby's 16-month old friends and their parents over for dinner and e-baby was just in a foul mood. The kids (and their parents) were so sweet and sympathetic but e-baby just whined and cried the entire time. She kept whining "Teemo! Teemo!" over and over, and neither of us had any idea what she was trying to say, but figured it was related to "Dima" and "Mahnee" and other things that she says which we haven't deciphered yet. A few times in the evening she made her signature "I am an espresso machine" noises, which she started doing when we got the Dingus. She sounds just like a frothing wand, I tell you.

Later in the bath, she's still fussing and complaining, and saying "Teemo!" and making espresso machine noises when it dawns on us: if you can't pronounce S's very well, and your "er" sounds haven't quite bloomed yet, then you might pronounce "steamer" kind of like "teemo." And, to really make your point, you might MAKE THE SOUND OF A FROTHING WAND because mommy never showed you a sign for steamer; you just have to improvise. Oh, and then keep trying to make your point for about 3 hours while these goobers you call parents keep asking whether your diaper is full or you want some cheese, all the while pulling espresso shots for their friends-- For goodness sakes, could we be any thicker? We made her a steamer after her bath. She was in a good mood the rest of the evening.

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