Thursday, May 31, 2007

We had a really terrific Memorial day weekend. I've posted pictures from Sunday's picnic-party on Flickr.

But the big news is that today we attended the premier party for Elizabeth's big movie debut! That's right, our little girl is a star. One of the nurse practitioners at our health care center, who has trained hundreds of health care workers to administer the Brazelton exam on newborns, has started her own program, which is a simplified variation on the Brazelton, called Help, Understand, and Guide your baby (The H.U.G.). Since she's had great success with new mothers and health care workers, she decided to take her program Hollywood. We were asked to participate in a training video, and Elizabeth, at just a few weeks old, was one of a number of local babies to be videotaped for a temperament assessment. It was one of the more fun experiences we had in those early weeks, and what we learned from it made a big difference in how we were able to read e-baby's behavior.

And now, a few months later, Jan has finished videoing babies and has released her DVD! It is intended mainly for new parents, but also for health care workers and infant caregivers. At the Big Movie Premier today, we got together with all the other babies who were in the DVD (and all the practitioners at our health care center) and watched it together. The babies were all in good spirits for 15 minutes of cake and socializing, 15 minutes of Jan's speech about how she started the H.U.G.S. program (20 years in the making!), and the first 19 minutes of the 20-minute DVD viewing. The babies got a little antsy during closing credits. It was wonderful to see how much bigger and more animated these babies are now, compared to when the video was made.

You can order a copy for yourself, or if baby educational videos aren't your thing, you can go watch a clip on the website to see what a superstar e-baby is. Fabulous!

And Lizard, there's already a copy of the DVD on its way to your house. :-) e-baby can autograph it when we come out in August!

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