Sunday, May 27, 2007

I hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend! We're making the most of it by doing lots of weekend-y things.

Yesterday I used my 10% Target shopping day card thingie (you get one for every $10M spent at Target or something) and bought every single thing that I could possibly need in the next 3 months and a few things nobody needs. Among the booty: 5 colorful plastic pint tumblers that e-baby thinks are The Awesome; 168 diapers, size 3 (for reference, they stay in size 3's for about 16 years so stock up once you get to that size); a cubic foot of baby wipes; a 5x7 frame for SNG's office; mom and dad's birthday present (which I won't reveal here because, you know, they read this blog!); 2 boxes of organic baby oatmeal; an iPod USB charger for work; some stationary for e-baby to write letters to people whenever she wants; etc. I love going to Target. I won't step foot into a WalMart if I can possibly help it. If we had Costco here, I'd be over the moon. Go figure.

When I unloaded all our Target goodies yesterday, I opened one of the Pampers boxes and look at the free gift with purchase I found inside!

After Targetfest, we(SNG) did some yardwork since we had 2 big, dead trees and one old dead stump removed last week so the yard has a divet about the size of a mature sourwood tree across it. Ours was only about 40-50 feet, but that's a lot of loose bark to rake away.

Now we're cooking ribs (what a coincidence!) because we'll be having a pre-Memorial day picnic with a few friends later on today. After hemming-and-hawing over which city/state park we should go, it was determined that my house, with its clean toilets and indoor climatization, would be an ideal location. Which suits me fine, since I like nothing better than having friends over. Even more so now that we have a cleaning service again.

For a few weeks things were sketchy around here-- one invoked the 30-second rule at their own risk.

As it gets warmer, we have to be careful not to slam any exterior doors or windows because our outdoor pets are returning.


PartnerInCrime said...

Ah, Target, how do I love thee. My nearest Wal-Mart is 25 miles away, so I hardly ever have to make a choice over which one I'm going to shop at. Which is good, since I'm not a great fan of Wal-Mart either.
BUT... Costco is *awesome*. I'm there pretty much every other week. My only beef with them is that they don't carry Pampers - just generic and Huggies. But their generic brand baby wipes are the greatest thing ever.
Good for you for having the Memorial Day festivities at home. Nothing like indoor plumbing to make any holiday that much more festive.

AmazonQueen/Twinkie2 said...

Humm...every $10m...glad I could help you with that 10% since I think Mom and I make up a BIG chunk of that.
I want one of those free gifts. I AM SURE that a box of pampers is far less than IVF!

LizardBreath said...

Target is my favorite too. I hope we have one where we move. Not sure about Costco, haven't had the need for one yet. If I knew that Target had as big a baby stuff department when we registered, we would have forgone the babiesrus for Target. Plus (a huge plus for me) it is really convenient. No drive at all. Say, come on down and we can all go together! We did our Memorial Day stuff early just in case. So, keep your fingers crossed, just in case! ;-)

Eduth said...

Best (and cheapest) toy EVER--a big cardboard box! No batteries, no assembly required, no noisemaker, no limit on what it can be!

Elizabeth Ceranowski said...

We do have a Cosco!It's off Old Wake Forest Road, inside the beltline in Raleigh!
A bit of a drive for me, but it might be worth the trip!