Sunday, November 5, 2006

Test Post: Flickr Blog and Notes

Walking with mom
Originally uploaded by catandtony318.
I'm testing a feature in Flickr that lets you add notes to a picture. Neat. It also lets you post pictures directly to your blog. You can see the notes of you click on the picture.


Bianca said...

Heck!! I have been looking for those notes this whole time. I would of made mention earlier... I cannot wait to read the notes. Also, like that baby carrier/sling. ;o)
As to Thanksgiving, I am On Call Wed thru Sun. I am trying to get someone to take Sunday so I can at least see everyone a day or so.

Jim said...

So, if I sign up for a Flikr account, can I outline my own areas and leave comments? That's a pretty neat feature. Cute baby, too.

PartnerInCrime said...

To answer Jim's question: yes, if you have a Flickr account, you can leave notes on other people's photos. (As long as the person who owns the photo hasn't turned off that feature for security reasons or whatever.)

Alphagal said...

Cool. I didn't know how that worked.
At some point I'm going to make Flickr photo albums of past vacations. That'll be much more convenient to view, and easier to make, than the sorry low-tech method I've been using up to now. And besides, I noticed that all I have in there right now are baby pictures. She sure is fun to look at, though! :-)