Thursday, November 9, 2006

I'm back online! Time Warner Cable are a bunch of jive-turkeys.

LONG story less-long: After 8 hours (EIGHT HOURS) on the phone with various tech support people over 2 days, they set an appointment to come fix something at my house between 8 and noon. But they ended up fixing it remotely and never told me so, and so I waited at home until the end of time without knowing the problem was fixed... until I happened to turn on the computer for something else and found "HP updates are available" and I said "How do you know this?" and the computer went online to get the updates-- which is how I learned that TWC had in fact fixed the problem without telling me.

What's most annoying about this? It was a server outage on their end. Which is what I thought it was in the beginning, that is to say, on Tuesday morning!! I told them so, and they kept telling me it was a hardware issue on my end. So I tested: 2 different wireless routers, 2 different cable modems, 3 computers, 2 different cable jacks in the house, a wireless connection, an ethernet connection, and a USB connection, with and without the router in play, enabling and disabling the firewalls, while holding a mouthful of coffee in my mouth, while standing on my head, seated and standing. I also tried playing JS Bach for the modem (good for babies, why not for modems?). They still wanted to tell me it was a hardware issue on my end. I told them that I was almost positive that they had a DHCP server issue, and they ignored me. Then they said it was the cable coming into my house. Which I knew it wasn't. And it wasn't. And I said I'd make this LONG story less-long so I'll just stop talking now.

Later I'm going to post some e-baby videos. E-baby is good for lowering blood pressure, and she can bost your immune system. And I know you want to see the proof. And it's cold& flu season. Consider it my good deed today.


Jim said...

Yeah, I recently gave up complaining about my ISP's DNS server, and found one in Florida I could use. Problem solved.
They don't ever want to admit it, but if your connection was fine yesterday, and not today, and you didn't change anything, it's their fault. Until e-baby start to crawl, then it might be her playing with the router settings. :-)

PartnerInCrime said...

That is infuriating. I do remember, from when I lived in the south, that my hatred for Time Warner burned with the fire of a thousand suns.
These days, I think I'd tolerate their lousy service if it meant that I could just have cable Internet access again. This satellite dish stuff is for the birds. On rainy days when there's a thick cloud cover, our connection is (to quote LeBon) "up and down like a whore's drawers."