Saturday, November 11, 2006

Okay, so it took me a little longer than I had anticipated to sit down and post these. I have 2 sets of little videos. First, recent footage of e-baby in her new "overstimulation gym." Well, actually it's not called that but it should be.
She really loves "rock a bye baby," especially when it is performed by a blue octopus with flashing red eyes.
looking in the overhead mirror (and then looking a little overstimulated)
listening to her tunes
BTW, she's 6 weeks old in those.

For the next set, I thought this was fun. I found videos from 1, 2, 4 and 5 weeks old that show her face really well. It's really neat to see how she looks a little different in each one. She's not just getting bigger: her face is gaining character.
One week old
Two weeks old
Four weeks old
Five weeks old


PartnerInCrime said...

Those are great. Those tiny baby laugh-cough things just kill me.
And I'm glad I saw the octopus in the 2nd video, because based on your description ("blue octopus with flashing red eyes"), it sounded like something out of a nightmare. Or a bad sci-fi movie. But he's actually quite cute.

Bianca said...

Hum, 1st week she was rocking out, 2nd week she was being an intellect, 4th week she was practicing her throwing up for her college years, and 5th week she showed she truly was a Rhodes...big eyes and labored breathing with the introduction of candy. Classic...
What color eyes does it look like she’ll have?

Bianca said...

Also, why am I ONLY hearing Enlgish spoken to this child???

Alphagal said...

She hears Spanish & French, but mommy is too embarassed of her poor accent and grammar to let them be caught on video. :-)
I have some great baby books and a Mimi la Souri DVD so that we can practice our French together. I need the same in Spanish. Maybe Santa will bring her some.
We're still placing bets on eyecolor. I say brown. SNG, Dianaverse & almost everyone else say blue. But one thing is for sure- she looks exactly like my mom. I half expect her to bust out with some Neil Diamond song any day now.

SNG said...

Neil Diamond? I don't think so. I guess it's time to purge anything embarassing from iTunes.