Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Next time you need a chuckle, go watch this.


Mom said...

I love it! I kept it up all day and came in and ran it whenever I needed a lift! Can't wait for T'giving!
Love, Mom

Tita said...

Such a funny girl and a REAL twinkle in her eyes! Hope we can see her in Austin.

Tia Libi said...

Dear Catherine and Tony,
Now that I have seen this forty times, I am an expert on this little clip! When you turn on the music and Elizabeth hears it - her eyes recognize the music and light up! She loves the music! What a little love she is. Muy lista! I hope we will see many more clips of her! Can't wait to see you in Austin. Love, love, love, Tia Libi

Alphagal said...

I watch that little clip, or one of the hundreds of other videos I've taken, whenever she's been asleep for an hour or more because I can't get enough of those little gurgly noises.
We can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving!