Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm sorry to report, still no baby. I'm starting to lose faith that she'll come early. I feel FINE. I have ENERGY. I'm SLEEPING NORMALLY (which, for me, means insomnia for about an hour a night on average). I don't fit into half of my maternity clothes anymore, but I'm not gaining any more weight. Since the weather has cooled off, my swollen ankles have returned to near-normal size. I'm not fanatically nesting (although since the dog passed away, I've kept the house meticulously clean Because I Can). I don't even have heartburn all that bad most of the time.

None of this bodes well for an early labor, does it? You'd think I was still happily in my 2nd trimester. Dabnabbit, give me some backaches! Braxton-Hicks contractions! Sleepless nights! Anything to suggest that I might actually give birth sometime this fiscal quarter.


I've asked mom to check into what it would cost to push her itinerary back by 5 or 6 days so that she will definitely be here for at least a month of baby time. I love her company, but there's not a lot of point having her here for a week or 2 when I'm still at work all day waiting to have a baby. So we'll see.

And yet, who knows? It could still happen tomorrow....


Diana said...

Up side, you are feeling good, for a woman in her ninth month, that's saying something isn't it? I'm not going to win the baby pool am I?

PartnerInCrime said...

As much as it sucks, I think it's pretty common for first babies to be a little late.
But, who knows, you could still have one of those "zero to 10 centimeters in 24 hours" labors.
Still sending the Dilation-and-Effacement vibes your way...

Val said...

Courage Cat !! Le bébé va bientôt arriver, je le sais !! Sois patiente, et savourez les derniers moments à 2 avec Tony !
Gros Bisous

alphagal said...

Mais je veux faire la connaissance de ce locataire de mon corps depuis ces dernieres mois!! Qu'elle va etre belle! Tu as raison; je dois etre patiente et calme.
Diana, I'm afraid the baby pool has passed you by. But I appreciate your optimism in picking the 14th.
My mom didn't get her ticket changed-- it was going to cost a ton of money. So we'll find projects around the house to do if the baby hasn't come by next Thursday.