Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have finally posted pictures!!! Go to Flickr and see the "Elizabeth Week 1" slideshow. If you flip through individually, you can see titles and descriptions, too. Enjoy! Feel free to come back here to the blog and tell me how adorable you think she is! ;-)


Dad said...

Boy, what a cute kid!
And she sure seems to have a Truxillo nose - looks like her great-granddad (Snow) and many of his siblings.

PartnerInCrime said...

So adorable!! Although I think my favorite picture in the whole set may have been the one of you wearing the hooded bath towel.
Also, I love that you had a Starbucks in your hospital room. Awesome.

Val said...

Elizabeth est trop mignonne !! Elle est à croquer ! Nous avons hâte de la voir pour de vrai !
Gros bisous d'Isabelle et du Chef

Alphagal said...

Merci, Isabelle et Chef! Est-ce que tu as montree les photos a ta mere?
PiC- of my first requests in the room, at 7am (3hrs after miss e was born), was a proper cup of coffee. SNG had my back. In those pictures, in addition to having a baby, SNG and I had been awake for 29 hours straight.

Tita said...

I love all the pictures! She already has family traits all over the place! It is really going to be fun watching her grow. Maybe not by this coming Easter, but by the following Easter she will need her own cow bell to keep track of her. That is such a cute age...just before she really understands what "NO" is all about..terrible 2's and all that! I can't wait to see her in person. I noted that she already has Tony wrapped around her finger! He will be a fantastic Dad! Love you guys.