Monday, September 11, 2006

Fun weekend! But not very productive.
Saturday was our baby shower at Peace and Fuzzy's house, and it was really great to see everyone and to eat a whole tray of rice krispie treats and another whole tray of petit fors.

But that didn't induce labor, in spite of what everyone told me.

Sunday was my birthday, and again we had a great time. After a birthday breakfast of sausage and grits, we did a little shopping and walked around at the museum. Sunday night we had a quiet dinner at home of lobster and shrimp (both cooked in Zatarain's, of course), corn, green beans, grits, and petit fors for dessert. Mmmmmm.

That meal didn't induce labor either.

Of course, as we do every day, we walked several times.

Still no labor.

Today I walked in the morning, had an Irish lunch of roast beef with cabbage and potatoes, went to water aerobics after work, and walked after dinner.

Yeah, you know the chorus of this song by now.

But tomorrow I'll visit the doctor again and hopefully she'll have good news for me.

Unrelated: SNG had the jingle from that beer commercial with the song "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me" going through his head all day Saturday, so from time to time he'd bust out with his silly dance and sing the song. Laughing that hard might, just maybe, induce labor.


PartnerInCrime said...

If all else fails, there's always castor oil.
Or sex. :)

Christa said...

Hi Cat,
give the little one some more days until she showes up. She will not like to have her birthday so close to mamas.

alphagal said...

Yeah, that's true. She should have a whole birthday week to herself. I do hope she's a virgo, though. I picked the 19th on the baby pool.
PIC-- I wasn't going to say anything over the internets, but since you mention it... that's one of the best-documented labor inducers I've read about. Not the castor oil.
I'm doing pretty much everything that is supposed to bring on labor short of eating food that will hurt "coming up" since I hear it's common to toss one's cookies during labor. So no tomatoes, garlic pizza, motor oil, orange juice...

PartnerInCrime said...

As for *that* particular labor-inducer: I was a few weeks late myself, and for some reason my mom felt the need to tell me that attempting *that* is just outright hilarious when you're 40 weeks pregnant.
(I know, eww. But still sort of funny. It was 30 years ago, I'm sure they haven't done it since then. Right?)
Btw, do you like Indian food at all? A good spicy curry might help.

alphagal said...

Yeah, not so much-- curry through the nose may do more harm than good.