Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We made it with minimal impediments. I slept about 3 hours off&on on the plane, and about 45 minutes on the train, so I'm a little tired but for the most part, doing OK. Mom watched both of the movies and hardly slept at all! You'd never know it, though, as it's only I who have tried to snap anyone's neck as we've been out and about in Spain. Darn jet lag.

Once we got our bags (no easy feat in Madrid, mind you), we found our way to the train station via 562 metro changes, boarded our high-speed train and relaxed as we watched the orange groves roll by. Oh my gosh it's so beautiful. When we arrived in Seville, there was a bit of a false start trying to walk to the hotel but again, we eventually found our way. It's just like on TV-- it's an old city with orange trees, filled with fruit, all over the place.

Our hotel is run by a very friendly couple (English, I think) and it's a funky Bohemian-feeling place. But really clean.

We cleaned up after we got checked in, had a little tapas for dinner, and came here to find some Correo Electronico. :-) OH!! And, we saw GENUINE soccer hooligans! Shaking a car and everything! They didn't flip it over, so eventually the people in the car just drove away.
Dinner was calamari and a salad of indeterminate origin. People here seem livelier than the French, although just as swarthy. If not moreso.

Anyway, we're having a wonderful time so far, and I can't wait to sleep for a long time tonight.


SNG said...

Bring me an orange?

alphagal said...

That might be illegal..... and international smuggling is right up my alley!