Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two Posts In Two Days?!

Yeah, when I'm home, I'm lucky to write more than one a post a week. But since all of Spain closes from 2-5 pm every day, and since I miss SNG like crazy, it looks like I'll be at an internet cafe most days at least once. And Spanish keyboards are much closer to English ones than the French keyboards. And of course, I can always change the language and touch-type, which works out nicely.

Today we learned where the post office is, and we are here during the annual SALE season. It's funny how mom and I manage to COINCIDENTALLY travel to European countries during SALE season. It is different than in the US where stores put stuff on sale whenever they feel like it. Here, they can only put stuff on super-clearance a couple times a year, to clear space for the next 1/2 year's stuff. So anyway, I think tomorrow we will learn how to mail packages internationally.

And speaking of taking things to other countries, if you're wanting to go to Europe with illegal goods, I recommend you use Madrid as your port of entry. The customs agent asked no questions, and no one ever looked at my bags. Or anyone else's bags. Nada. Rien. Nothing. Quite a contrast from US customs where they are absolutely certain to find not only the illegal meat products you're smuggling in, but also the live animals, fruits and vegetables, and automatic weapons. And they just get so darn grouchy about it!

\:-) *smirk*

I slept 10 hours last night, ate a good breakfast, had some fantastic cafe con leche, and I think now is a good time to tell you about all the people in Spain who are lucky to be alive today, after crossing my jet-lagged-low-blood-sugared path yesterday:
* the man on metro #8 who whistled an annoying tune
* the old lady on metro train #10 who played a "beep-bip-beep-beep" video game on her phone
* the other old lady (Metro #1) who cooed and cooed AND COOED and DROOLED and SLOBBERED all over the baby sitting across from her
* the man on the train to Seville with the "HELLO-MOTO" phone who did not understand "inside voice" versus "outside voice." While I tried to sleep. He is perhaps the luckiest of all. SNG knows the wrath of waking me up from a sound sleep.
* the guy who grunted "eeeh!" "hssss!" "eeeeeeh!" "uuuuuuunh!" at us outside the Alcazar to get us to take a ride in his horse-drawn carriage. No, he didn't speak in real words of any of the 4 languages mom and/or I can understand. Just caveman noises. Like that is going to make us want to go on a ride in his carriage. Honestly. I looked him straight in the eye, and he saw his impending doom on my face because he turned tail and petitioned someone else to ride in his carriage.

I can laugh about it today since I didn't have my automatic weapons with me.

But I know better for next time... /:-)

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SNG said...

Babe, no "quail hunting" for you unless you've had enough sleep.