Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It´s my last day in Barcelona before I head off to France and mom stays in Spain a little longer before flying home. What a fun trip so far!

Um, except for the little incident in La Plaza de George Orwell. Remember I felt a little seasick yesterday? Apparently I still don´t quite have my legs back under me yet because as we were doing a load of laundry in the washeteria, I had to run outside to a public trash can where I proceeded to TOSS MY COOKIES (and breakfast, and a fruit cup, and some water, and some air after all the stuff was gone) in front of a friendly local crowd. I simply explained that all the partying in Barcelona had simply gotten the better of me. They were very sympathetic.

Belly woes aside, we´re having a nice time. We hit a flea market today and I got some free fleas (it is Rebajas season, after all! or Rebaixas as they say in Catalunyan). It was a little like the scene in History of the World Part 1 where the vendor selling rats is right next to the vendor seeling "Nothing! I got absolutely nothing for sale!"

The NC flea market at least has some puppies. Although I bet you could get one "for pets or meat" if you knew whom to ask... (um, that was a reference to Roger and Me, if you didn´t know. I´m not actually sick minded enough to come up with that on my own).

I hope I can find an internet cafe in Tours with an Egnlish keyboard because the French ones are very different. I´ll update whenever I can!


SNG said...

An Egnlish keyboard?

Katrin said...

Sounds like you're having a grand time! I hope the next few train rides are a little smoother :) German enginerring=good quality smooth trains!

Mom said...

I'm so glad you made all of your connections to Tours. The next time we come to Barcelona, we must save more time for touring, there's sooooo much to see. BTW, we missed the best shopping street by one corner! I found it, though. But I'm still in a "catch and release " mode.
I miss you!
L, Mom

Dad said...

Great travelogue, but I sure miss your Mom!

Valérie said...

Hi there Cat !
Take care of yourself, can't wait o see you tomorrow !!!

Mom said...

Hey Val, Wish I were going to see you and that good looking guys of yours! Our love to both of you and our best to your mom and dad and brother!
A/gal, be sure Val sees this. BTW, Madrid is wonderful! Nest time, you must not miss it!

alphagal said...

Apparently, mom is touch-typing again!
Egnlish keyboard and all! ;-)

Mom said...

Or maybe I'm reverting to my childhood Mex. accent!
L, Mom