Monday, January 25, 2010

Help Me Find This and Win a Luxury Trip for Two!

I want one of these. I really, really want one. I first saw it in Sydney, parked outside the Circular Quay ferry dock. It has a roof. It has 3 wheels. It has seats immediately behind the driver for passengers of any size. It has electric motor assist for tough hills. I do not want a surrey with fringe on top. I do not want a rickshaw trailer. I want this, or something very similar. WHERE CAN I GET ONE?????? Help please!

If you can come up with a source and I get one, I will reward you and a friend with a free ride around my neighborhood in it. Now, off with ye and find me a Pedapod of my very own!


Jim said...

That's pretty snazzy. I like the electric assist - I wonder if you can charge it from the pedals or just from house current?
I think these cargo bikes are pretty cool:

Dear old Dad said...

That's pretty cool, but it looks like you can't buy them. According to their website, all PedaPods belong to Peda Pod; they just license them. Guess we'll have to move to Sydney and become licensees. Or pilots.
The pedicabs we see all around downtown Austin are funky, but not nearly so cool looking.

Cat said...

There is a company in Germany that sells something very much like Pedapods
but I don't know how I'd get one here. I've emailed the company to ask about pricing. Still, I wish someone in the US was selling them.