Saturday, August 23, 2008


Maybe it was the rocky section of the driveway. Or it might have been the coiled up garden hose. Perhaps it was the 3-4 extra pounds right in front of my center of gravity. Or, it could be that I'm just a spaz. But I was walking from the back yard to the garage to get some paint stirrers for a backyard painting extravaganza, and WHAM! the section of driveway that's rocks and paving stones rose up and slammed me full-on scraping up both knees, both hands, one hip, and one forearm. Within a few hours, most of it was feeling better, but the palm of my right hand is bruised and swollen, and every time I try to stand on my right leg, the knee screams in protest. The knee that took the edge of a paving stone right in that soft spot between patella and tibia. The fact that it has only gotten worse as the day goes on into evening suggests that maybe this is more than a bruise, so I'll probably hit the health care center on Monday and pick up a knee brace before I leave for Chicago.

Fate has this funny way of enforcing the rules with me. In my Delicate Condition, I'm not supposed to lift very heavy things but what are we doing in 2 weeks? MOVING and do you think I'll be able to resist lifting heavy things when no one is looking? NO WAY but if my knee has me hobbling around and holding on the walls for support, then how am I going to pick up that 158-pound TV set? Fate laughs at me "haHA! get out of THIS one, miss smarty-non-compliant-pants!"

I guess everything happens for a reason. And maybe 2 weeks of R.I.C.E. will get me to the point where I can carry a queen-sized mattress up 2 flights of stairs when no one is looking. Muwahahaha!

Oh, and totally unrelated note, one of my cousins and his wife just had a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to the three of them!!


PartnerInCrime said...

So sorry about the fall, that sounds pretty painful. You know that Klutz Gene is genetic, I have it too. Oh well, at least when y'all are moving, you'll hopefully be limited to only carrying the lighter-than-your-toddler's-weight boxes.

cat said...

The good news is that the RICE worked, and my knee is doing much better today. So I might be able to lift that TV after all.