Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Up for Air

No, we haven't fallen off the planet or moved into a cave following that big announcement. But we did leave for a week's vacation the day after posting the picture. We were in Marquette at the camp on lake Superior with no TV, phone, or internet access. Well, we did have cell phones. But mine stayed mostly off. It was great. Fuzzy and SNG drove there with DOTi the dog and the kayaks, while Peace, e-baby and I flew in grand style. Now before you say I'm a wuss for flying, the alternative would have been a rented Ford Econoline, pulling a trailer and guzzling gas for 2 days' driving with a fidgety almost-2-year-old and a nervous dog who doesn't quite trust knee-high humans. OK, now you can say I'm a wuss. But I'm a happy wuss.

I'll post more with pictures later. I just wanted to put my head above the waterline to say hello. Hello!


Lizard Breath said...

Silly girl! Wuss? Nah! Practical as all get out. While E-baby is a good flyer, she is probably not the most patient when it comes to long distance travel. I think C-baby will definitely thank you!

PartnerInCrime said...

Glad y'all have been having fun. Can't wait to see you next week!