Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Stuff Update

New poll!

Biggest news: Despite inheriting a recessive gene that causes definiciency in peeing-on-a-stick, Twinkie2 IS harboring a teeny little parasite in her belly. Maybe two. They/it should be out and breathing air by July next year. Here's to hoping she brings us another soldier for our army of tiny girls! Or, the token boy soldier. Don't worry, we'll let him pee standing up. But he's gotta put the lid back down. We're sending healthy first-trimester thoughts.

I arrived home a couple of hours ago from Atlanta, catching an earlier flight on standby again! Go me! I got home in time for e-baby's bath and she was sooooo silly. Between being tired, excited that mommy's home, and eager to show me all the new stuff she learned while I was gone, her behavior was best described as delirious (cue the Prince song).

Atlanta was lots of fun. Best thing was getting to have a long, leisurely dinner with J&K, who I always enjoy seeing and just don't get to see often enough. Hey! Let's take that hiking trip in the mountains, whenever K has a long weekend free! :-) The rest of the trip was also good. Class was fun, and the students were a convivial bunch.

And now, two and a half weeks home. Aaaaah.

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