Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day #4,607 in the Life of the Happily Married
AG: Honeybunny, can you go soothe her back to sleep?
SNG: Mrphle-mrph-wha-yoo-say?
AG: The baby-- can you please go soothe her back to sleep?
SNG: Mrphle-'k (dresses, goes upstairs)

(upstairs light on, SNG trying to change a very cold, wet baby in a very full diaper)
AG: That must be why she woke up.
SNG: Poor thing, she was cuddly but wide awake and then I realized that her diaper had leaked all over and she's soaking wet. It's too cold up here.
AG: I'll hang out with her awhile

AG: She won't sleep, and I can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep holding her. It's too cold!
SNG: Bring her downstairs and at least you can lie in bed.
AG: Turn off the alarm clock.

6:30am (snoozing baby sounds)
AG: One of us should stay with her while the other gets ready.
SNG: You wanna go shower?

SNG (enters bathroom with e-baby): She woke up and noticed you were gone.

e-baby: goo! ba! ma? ma? MA!

And so on throughout the morning. I dressed and put on makeup, deciding I would drive to work since I didn't have much sleep and it was 35 degrees outside and I just didn't feel like running. SNG remarked that I could walk to work instead. E-baby could take a nap in the jogger, and if I walked, it would be a longer nap, which is good. SNG helped me dress e-baby like a tiny UT booster (frilly cream-colored onesie with Lawrence Llewellyn Bollen sleeves, burnt-orange fleece pants, burnt-orange fleece hoodie "Bevo" sweatshirt, pink socks, rhinestone-studded tennis shoes). We ate ludicrous oatmeal* for breakfast and danced to "Cherry Baby," and whaddaya know, all three were ready to go by 8am.

Teamwork made the morning bearable. I'm so happy I married the guy I married. Not that I want to wake up at 4:15 every day, but I'm glad I have my SNG. I'm also glad I didn't drive the car.

*Ludicrous oatmeal is another of SNG's continually evolving recipes. It involves steel-cut oats, barley, quinoa, spices, dried fruit, nuts, and anything else he can think of to warm up a cold winter morning. It's ludicrous. Come visit and he'll give you a bowl.

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PartnerInCrime said...

If it wasn't for the time zone difference, I'd think our babies had some sort of psychic connection that told them both to wake up their parents at Insane O'Clock in the morning. Argh.
And props to SNG, because much as I love LeBon, trying to wake him up to help me at that hour? I could use one of those air horns two inches from his head and he wouldn't even flinch. However, he does rock at getting her to sleep at night (far better than I can), so I guess it's an ok trade-off.