Sunday, July 8, 2007

There's never been much question that I eat some weird stuff. I don't even know where to begin with that. Therefore it will come as no surprise that I am on a mission to test-drive various tofu ice cream recipes. Oh wait: I'm test-driving tofu ice cream recipes sweetened with Splenda and fruit instead of sugar and with unsweetened (green-box Silk) soymilk. Because tofu ice cream, that isn't weird enough by itself.

Perhaps one reason SNG and I are such a good pair is that he has noooo problem cooking his own dinner if I make something he doesn't want, and he'll make me something too, in case what I made is too weird even for me to eat.

Why the recent interest in no-added-sugar tofu ice cream? Because Alton Brown said we needed an ice cream maker, and SNG takes Alton's opinion on such matters as law. And because I don't do cow's milk products. And because sheep's milk ice cream just sounds nas-ty.

I'll let you know how the tofu ice cream turns out.

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