Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sorry there have been no posts in awhile- we were in Chicago last week and this is the first time I've been on the web in almost a week.

I wasn't supposed to be in Chicago last week- I was supposed to be spending the week working on something with a tight deadline but the guy who was supposed to go to Chicago was called to another project, so I had to go. I've still got this week to meet the tight deadline-- except I have to sit in on a class Wed-Fri this week. If you do the math, you'll count two business days to finish two weeks' work. So I probably won't be blogging much this week either.

The Chicago trip was a lot of fun. SNG quit his former job and his last day was the 13th. He started his new job yesterday, so all of last week was free (he was very fond of saying "I'm between jobs at the moment" and told people this at every opportunity). He and e-baby flew out with me and did lots of Chicago-style sightseeing while I was at work all day. They went to Millennium park, the park along the lakefront, the Sears tower and many sweet shops. He had ice cream for lunch the first day, chocolate mousse cake the 2nd day. I think the 3rd day he finally went healthy and had a hot dog or something.

In the evenings we ate heavenly Italian food: first night we had Volare (take-out: it's too swanky for a 10-month old) and the 2nd night we went to a pizza joint for deep-dish cheesy, saucy goodness. E-baby tried pizza crust and it was OK, but her FAVORITE was the linguine fra diavolo from Volare. Who knew, kid's got a taste for the spicy.

Finally, SNG did a little bit of shopping. As you probably know, SNG and I don't follow baseball (and frankly, if there's a ball involved, you can be sure it's a sport I don't follow) but we are a fan of this baseball:

And, um, no, we don't give e-baby Sweet-Tart squeeze candy to eat. That's a "decoy" tube of butt-paste we give her to play with during diaper changing time. She was so interested in chewing on the real butt-paste tube, which, eewe, so we got this as a safer, more hygenic alternative. SNG eats the candy, though, and... eewe.

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