Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I am teaching in Boston this week, a 3-day class, and the longest I've been away from e-baby since she was born. *snif! I miss my little squeaker.

But I love Boston. The students are always very smart, the weather's usually nice in the Summer, and there's plenty to do. Tonight the museum of fine arts is open late and admission is free, so I know where I'll be in an hour or so. The best thing about Boston is how nice the city is since they finished the Big Dig. It seems impossible that you could take a city that was so crowded, polluted, full of traffic and highways, and just... bury it all. Boston is now a beautiful, walkable, peaceful city. Still lots of people, but they're mostly jogging or biking.

Boston was also the last place I went before e-baby was born. I have 5 students this week who were in that class last August, and one of them didn't recognize me until I said "Imagine me with a BIG PREGNANT BELLY" and they were all "OOOOOH YEAH! You were about to have that baby any minute!" Yeah, that was me, the ticking, traveling, prenatal timebomb. I feel MUCH BETTER this time.

Let's hope that SNG is having as good a time at home. E-baby decided things were too exciting for sleep last week, and she ran laps in her crib all night, 3 nights in a row. Hopefully she's getting it out of her system this week. I'd feel terrible leaving SNG all alone to deal with a baby who climbs the walls from 2-4 am every night.


PartnerInCrime said...

Aww, rough week for you. Hopefully not as rough for SNG. LeBon would kill me if I left him alone for 3 days with a non-sleeping baby!

cat said...

According to field reports, SNG and e-baby have been having a very good time together. E-babyis sleeping all night, but waking up very early. She just can't wait to get started on her Next Big Day.