Sunday, August 27, 2006


They say that if you get the nesting instinct, then labor is just around the corner. Trouble is, I've ALWAYS got the nesting instinct. SNG has laughted about how I get fixated on little around-the-house projects since we started dating 13 years ago. Besides, if that's true, then my cousin, who is 17 weeks pregnant, should have already had her baby weeks ago. ;-)

But anyway, last week as I reviewed and updated my list of "the things in life that have to get done at this point in time" (everyone has a list like that, right?), I took inventory of the minimum requirements for having a baby tomorrow. This was, in part, motivated by the fact that we finished our childbirth classes Thursday night.

They included:
Car Seat ready-to-install
Bag for the hospital Packed and Ready To Go
A bed, diapers, blanket and a few onesies for the baby since I won't be shopping the day after the baby comes home.

Sure, there are a few other things that we'll still have to buy at some point, but we can live without a baby bathtub and a diaper champ (a stinky-free diaper pail) for awhile. After all, she can bathe in the sink and SNG can carry smelly diapers outside every evening. We already had some diapers, blankets, baby bed (we have 3, in fact!) and the car seat. The bag is packed and ready to go. We had onesies and lots of size 3mo+ outfits, but not much in size Newborn. So we bought a new pack of onesies in size 0-3mo. (Aside to PartnerInCrime-- OMG, they're so little. SO LITTLE. so little. And so cute. I was totally feeling just like you said the other day.)

Friday night, SNG got the nesting bug. He carried the crib and changing table upstairs and assembled them in about 1 1/2 hours, totally stress-free. Such a handy boy. Then Saturday we moved the dresser up to the nursery, I washed all the baby clothes and blankets, and Sunday we decorated the walls with the Pooh decals I found the other day (we had already painted the room a week ago). In short, the nursery is ALMOST FINISHED! All that's left to do is move the big eggplant-colored giant overszed chair-and-a-half into there, which we can't do until Fuzzy comes over to help carry it.

Want to see how it looks? Here are some pictures:


Teh Fuzzy said...

I can come over tonight, before I leave town for Memphis Tennessee. Or mebbe this wweekkeenndd?

alphagal said...

This weekend is just fine! Baby won't be here that soon anyway. Have fun in Memphis and wave hello to Graceland, and all its fabuous giftshops, for us.
PIC might be able to tell you if there's a good place to eat in Memphis.

PartnerInCrime said...

My Memphis restaurant recommendation: for "good ol' southern cookin'", try the Dixie Cafe on Poplar & Perkins. Make sure you try the rolls. And have some fried okra for me. Mmmm...

PartnerInCrime said...

For some reason, the first comment I left didn't show up? (Weird.)
So, the nesting thing: I think I've been nesting ever since I first moved into this house with Dave... nearly 2 years ago. Now I just have a biological excuse.
Also, that nursery is awesome, and I am totally jealous of that dresser with the stenciled flowers. You did that yourself, didn't you? Gah.

alphagal said...

Thanks!! I did that dresser many years ago, combination of stencils and freehand. It was the old, grody-looking barf-green dresser that lived in Lucky's room when we were kids.

SNG said...

I'll be late getting home tonight. I have to eat massive amounts of fried okra.

Jim said...

Hi, just wanted to poke my head in and tell you that I'm still lurking. Glad to hear Goofch is feeling better, and the pregnancy is going well. You have a room with Pooh stickers in your house. Go here, and scroll all the way to the bottom. Pooh stickers.

alphagal said...

Point taken. But, in my defense, they aren't MY Pooh stickers. They're the baby's! I'm still EVOL. Honest!!!