Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dreams of Roller-Derby Queendom are Dashed!

Goofch has a certain type of incontinence problem that I won't describe here and so yesterday I was desperate to get our expensive rug rolled up, and there's a BIG coffee table on it, and no one else was home, so I pushed it across the room to roll up the rug. Five minutes later I couldn't stand up from a seated position because I threw out my back!!! What the...? I'm super strong! But the 25+ lbs of extra leverage out front was apparently enough to twing something on my low back, left side and put me out of commission for most of the day yesterday.

It seems much better today after lots of rest, ice, and some exercises my mom suggested (not so much exercises as horizontal dance-moves for an injured back. Kind of funny looking, but it helped. Everyone should have a pilates coach on-call 24/7.).

Goofch goes to the vet this afternoon to see if they can make him continent again (is that the right expression? If you're incontinent, doesn't that imply a lack of continence? What the heck is continence anyway? Yuck.). In the meantime, he's sleeping under the old camper-top from our truck, like a true Appalachian family hound. Anyone got a spare dead-refrigerator we can put out there with him? An old sofa? The guys next door are out of town. Think they'd mind if I jacked up their Porsches on blocks in the yard to make Goofch feel more at home?


PartnerInCrime said...

Aww, poor Goofch having to kick it white-trash style out in the yard. If you can't find a broken fridge, I think you ought to at least set him up with a cooler full of Natural Light.
And poor you with your back! Remind me to call your mom the next time I stupidly injure myself while moving furniture around. (It's happened once already, I'm sure it'll happen again.)

alphagal said...

Yeah, that's right-- if I'd known my mom had all the answers (of course, she IS mom, after all) then I'd have told you to call her then!
If it happens again, ice, massage, and mom's weird dance moves might do the trick.