Friday, February 4, 2005

I'm glad to be home from R'ville. More importantly, I'm glad that I don't have someone nose-mining from across my desk here in my office.

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend! I'm not completely sure who is playing, but I know what Super Bowl means:

Super Bowl of chips, Super Bowl of cookies, Super Bowl of salsa, guacamole, and queso, Super Bowl of Tastykakes at my friend MLP's Super Bowl party. Yay!

Super Bowl means getting to party with a bunch of people drunker than I am, who cheer and yell every time someone moves on the football field (which isn't all that often, come to think of it). Yay!

Super Bowl means funny commercials during the game that I will grow to hate after seeing them in abbreviated form repeatedly for 3-6 months *after* the game is over. Yay!

Super Bowl means SNG won't waste my Sunday afternoons watching football again until August or September! Yay!

I'm rooting for the Longhorns to win, just for the record. HOOK'EM!!

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