Monday, February 14, 2005

HAPPY V-D DAY!! (heehee! that one is so Beavis & Butthead but in 7th grade, I tell you, nothing funnier)

What a great excuse to get flowers at work. :-) And it's funny to see the guy in the office next door get all bent-out-of-shape because SNG "makes him look bad."

SNG always make me smile. So do flowers. Tonight I'm bringing a bag of goodies for the divas in my aerobics class. There are pink Hershey's kisses, little plastic heart-shaped rings, and heart-shaped plastic pendants with bubble-wands inside. Something for everybody, but I better set a rule of no bubble-making in class or else we'll end up with slipping-flying-super-gliding divas.

I lurve all my divas, and don't want to see them fly.

ON TO OTHER STUFF, I did an all-day aerobics workshop Saturday for CEU credits. These things are so funny. I never learn much in them, but I get to meet some extraordinarily dim-witted people. Case in point:

Case Study #48, Advanced Math Concepts in Aerobics
CEU Class Instructor: So, if you want to count the beats per minute [BPMs] for a song, tap out the rhythm for 10 seconds. Then multiply that number by 6. That gives you the approximate BPMs for that song. This will help you in planning what kind of choreography to use for that song.

Particiapant Aerobics Instructor Colleague 48: Well, OK, but I took a workshop a few months ago, and THEY said that if you want to get the BPMs that you should count for 15 seconds! Well, which is right? What is the industry standard?

CEU C.I.: .... um ... you get to the same number either way, so you can do what's...

PAIC48: well, I'm just saying, which one is better?

Alphagal: (eyebrows up, jaw down, unable to grasp that this conversation is happening)

CEU C.I.: Yeah, I can see your point, if you're like, Wow, multiplying by 6 is really hard in my head, but multiplying by 4 is easy, I would just use 15 seconds. If you're like, Multiplying by 4 is hard but adding a zero to the number is easy, then, like, count for 6 seconds. You can do what is easier for you.

Alphagal: (smirk, snarky chuckle)

NEVER let it be said that you don't need madskillz in math to be an aerobics instructor!

Anyway, so 8 hours and 2 indoor cycle group workouts later, I had earned my 5 CEU credits. Ten to go for the year. Wheeeee!

Sunday SNG and I biked and swam, then we shopped. Then Dianaverse came over to make Valentine's cookies for the dogs. The dogs love them, especially because they are pink and heart-shaped. SNG lit a fire in the backyard firepit and we put a big marinated turkey breast in the dutch oven with some olive oil and veggies and let it slow cook for a few hours. YUM.

Tomorrow: off to New York. I'll get to see that exhibit in Central Park everyone is excited about.


sng said...

We have 4 gates in our backyard. How many more do we need to add to call it "art" ?
(and, do I multiply by 4, or 6?)

PartnerInCrime said...

Where are you? Write something new!

Cat said...

D'OH!! Been on the road like Willie Nelson... New Post Coming Soon...