Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Recent Collection of e-babyisms and Jambucaisms

* Discussing the Irish potato famine, we somehow got onto the subject of fungicides and insecticides and how they have saved so many lives from starvation and famine. She said that they were like superheros, but for potatoes. (car conversations with e-baby are strange, but never boring)

* He won't go anywhere without his mommy doll: a Polly Pocket with perma-clothes and hiking boots. He carries it in the car, leaves it in his seat to go to school, and grabs it as soon as we pick him up. He loves to point to it and say, Mommy! and then point to me and say, Mommy!

* At school, a little boy friend told the class about watching Rudolph on TV. She burst into hysterical sobbing, and once the teachers settled her down enough to speak, she said, I missed it! Now I will never get to see Rudolph! (the teacher told her that it would come on TV at least 10 more times before Christmas. I DVR'ed it and we watched it this evening).

* He loves to push the Pager button on the cordless phone cradle just to hear it go BEADLE-BEADLE-BEADLE! He also likes to use the cordless phone cradle as an easy-chair for Polly mommy.

* Describing a troll that has bad teeth, she tells me, That troll doesn't eat oranges- he's a scurvy troll.


PartnerInCrime said...

Did you watch the old school 1950s Rudolph with Burl Ives doing the narration, or the revamp animated one they've been showing on ABC Family? Because we have the old one on DVD (I bought a collection of Christmas Classics), and the Abominable Snowman in that one is a little bit scary. Didn't know if that would be too much for e-girl to handle.

Also, I cannot fathom discussing the Irish potato famine with a 4 year-old, but... okay then!

I love that Jambuca has his own little mommy-lovey. That's awesome.

Cat said...

We watched the new one. I will have to borrow the classic from you. Now that she knows snowman is friendly, it'll probably be OK.

I don't recall how the Irish famine came up... wait, yes I do. She wanted to know about "the statue of liberty welcoming people to America" and why someone would want to leave their own country and come here. The Irish famine was the first example that popped into my head. Then she had to know what a famine was, and one thing leads to another...

Nebeli said...

Trying... to ... stop... laughing.

Not sure which one has me more in stitches- Superheros, scurvy or Rudolph.

So fortunate that e-Baby didn't grow up when we did, she WOULD have missed it! :)

Or maybe I am happier for you? :)