Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rickshaw Biker Chick

The bike/walk/run to work thing has worked out well. I invested in a contraption that I swore I’d never own because it essentially turns me into a sled dog. But, as it happens, the thing is ideal for jogging with a gigantic double jogger loaded down with 2 quarts of tea, sippy cups., a dozen Nutri-grain bars, 60 pounds of whiney kids, 7 or 8 stuffed animals, an extra helmet, kneepads, and a tiny bike strapped onto the back. Guess what? A friend of mine thought I was a homeless person pulling a homeless person cart around campus the first time she saw me (that was before she realized it was me-- she wasn't like, "Oh, look, Alphagal's gone native, how about that?"). And not just because of the hand-written poster boards with my manifesto (OK, I’m making that part up to justify pulling a cart around on campus). It’s not very dignified, but it’s darn functional so I’ll keep using it.

But it still takes an hour to get to work that way, and last week I was hammered with things at the office. I ended up driving every day. Thursday afternoon, SNG took e-baby to New Bern to visit grandparents, which gave me the chance to put in some overtime after Jambuca was in bed. I needed the time— between Thursday and Friday nights, I got about 6 or 8 hours of overtime in.

Come Sunday, the weather was too nice to miss so we took a ride in the park. I made it about 20 minutes before my legs just completely gave out. It was pathetic. SNG made the point that I should switch to the bike for the summer and not worry about it being a shorter workout—enough weeks of short hops on the bike instead of driving will translate into fitness, and I can do it in less than an hour.

So this week, that’s been my M.O. It’s only 3 miles each way, and from my garage door to my office door, including drop-off at both daycare/preschool, takes 30 minutes. Driving the same route is 15-20 minutes door to door. Walking it takes an hour. But is it a workout? Oh yes. It is a most intense 3 miles. There are no flat spots- just UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN and you get the idea. What I don’t understand is how it manages to be a net up-hill coming AND going.

The ride is short enough to be invigorating instead of exhausting. The kids enjoy it when they aren’t at each other’s throats. I’m just glad to be taking some action to turn back those bizarre 7 pounds I found a few weeks ago.

In other news, SNG got a new grill and we made grilled bananas. Those could easily account for another 7 pounds if I’m not careful. Mmmmmm.


Unknown said...

I agree with SNG; regular short, intense workouts will translate into fitness and weight loss surprisingly quickly. TO make it more effective, try to go REALLY HARD on a couple of short hills (about 30 second bursts as hard as you can go). For background Google "Tabata protocol" or "Tabata training.

Love, DOD

PartnerInCrime said...

What's funny is that it totally fits your personality that you wouldn't think of the bike option on your own. It's only 3 miles, it's not a REAL workout, so why bother? All or nothing, right?

I think taking the bike is a good option. Or you can alternate the bike and jogging just to mix it up and work different muscles, which is also supposed to help speed up weight loss. Good luck!

Cat said...

PIC- you and SNG spotted my weakness. I am all-or-none where most things are concerned, and so it's strange to consider a 3 mile ride each way as my primary exercise. But, with life as it is right now, it's better than the alternative-- of nothing! SNG says "Just think of it as transportation. Don't call it a worksout. That way you won't feel bad that it's only 20 minutes." He was right, and I've been feeling GREAT.

Dad- Pretty much any hill entails going ALL OUT when you're pulling Leslie Cochran's shopping cart (with e-baby and Jambuca inside). Next time I get on my road bike alone will be CRAAAAZY.

Nebeli said...

And ya'll look good doing it! Good job biking... think of all that fresh air your kiddos are getting, and now I can't mistake you for a homeless person. Snicker.