Saturday, October 3, 2009


In case I've forgotten to mention it, we're getting ready for a trip to Australia in November. Work is sending me to teach for 2 weeks, so I'm bringing the whole family (the 4 of us plus my parents) to Melbourne and Sydney for 3 weeks. We are all very excited. I told e-baby that we would be going to the land of koalas and kangaroos, and she said "Are we going to the zoo?" and I said, "No, it's better than that!" and she said "We're going to AUSTRALIA?!?!?"

And so those of us with passports got visas and we applied for Jambuca's passport right away. I've been fretting ever since about its timely arrival. Thankfully, I just saw that the State department mailed it to me yesterday, so it should be in my hands next week. I will feel better once all of us have all the paperwork in order. Coolest planning thing-- we will have 2-BR apartments with washer/dryer in both cities. That'll make traveling with small children much easier.

Speaking of small children, Jambuca has been crawling all over Raleigh, and showed us 2 new tricks yesterday:
1. FIRST SIGN! He signed Milk to me yesterday. He was kind of signing to me, kind of to himself, but it was definitely a sign associated with milk. He got very upset with me for not making with the milk fast enough, and signed milk at me as he started to cry. I was so proud and excited that I totally interrupted someone else's friendly conversation to tell them how great it's all gonna be, I mean, to say that he had just signed Milk.
2. Peek-a-boo! Hee has taken to playing peek-a-boo with us. He was hiding behind some long curtains at PIC and LeBon's house last night and playing peek-a-boo, and he was doing it again at home today. E-baby used to play peek-a-boo with blankets on her changing table, but for the life of me I can't remember how old she was. I was thinking around 4 months or so, but I have to be remembering that wrong.

E-baby and SNG went to the international festival this evening while I stayed at home to cram a ton of work. One condition of going to Australia is that I have to wrap up 4 BIG deadlines before I can leave. So I will be putting in some overtime between now and mid-November. Ah well, small price to pay.

Oh, and today was basil-harvesting day. This year we planted 6 basil plants that grew to about 4-feet tall, each very full-and-bushy. I made 2 quarts of pesto, and I still have half a grocery bag of picked leaves, plus about 23 more gallons of on-the-stem basil waiting for someone to cart some of it home. If I can get some more pine nuts and parmesan tomorrow, I'll make another quart or 2 of pesto. And, the bushes in the garden are still reasonably large that I might have a full 2nd harvest before the first hard freeze. Good times.


PartnerInCrime said...

Isn't that why you have blog archives, so you can go back & look to find out when e-baby hit each milestone? For what it's worth, I first met e-baby when she was 5 months old, and I don't think she was doing peekaboo yet. But I was also in the middle of that Sleep-Deprived Newborn Hell Phase, so it's entirely possible that she was doing cartwheels and reciting Shakespeare and I was just too glazed over to notice.
Love that you're going to have a W&D when you get to Australia. That will REALLY help with traveling, just knowing you don't have to pack a full 3 weeks' worth of clothes! Wow. I'm totally jealous of your trip. I mean, not jealous of the flight there & back, but the actual being-in-Australia part.
Oh, and um, if I bring you pine nuts & parmesan, will you make me some pesto? Because that sounds fabulous.

lizardbreath said...

Everything sounds like a dream right now! Miss C started signing "milk" around 6 months too and once she got that one, there was no stopping her. Its terrific that Jambuca is starting to sign, makes life a whole lot easier when your little ones can actually tell you what they want, doesn't it? Have a blast in Australia and don't forget that their seasons run counter to ours so you will be handling Spring there instead of Fall. Lots to prepare for! We can't wait to see the tons of pictures that we are sure someone is going to take!

Cat said...

PIC- I have a fresh jar of pesto ready for you to pick up!
For posterity, the recipe has:
pine nuts
chopped garlic
salt and pepper
We're planning all our packing for the right weather. Their weather in late-spring is a lot like Raleigh's: cool nights and warm days. I figure between work clothes and play clothes, I'll have a lot of stuff, but everyone else should be able to pack pretty light. We'll take a ton of pictures, I'm sure! Bringinng the computer, so I'll try to keep up with posting pics and blogs.