Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Commute Conversation

e-baby: 'What are these strings on my toy butterfly?'
me: 'Antennas'
e: 'Lantana?'
m: 'No, lantana are flowers. Antennas are on bugs.'
e: 'Butterflies eat the pollen on the lantana'
m: 'That's right'
e: 'What are antennas?'
m: 'They're like fingers for a bug.'
e: 'Like spiders?'
m: 'No, spiders have legs. Bugs have legs and antennas.'
e: 'But I'm talking about spiders.'
m: 'Spiders have 8 legs.'
e: 'Like octopuses!'
m: 'That's right'
e: 'Do octopuses eat spiders?'
m: 'I bet they would if they could'
e: 'Octopuses eating the snake with the spider in his mouth! Would that be a good plan?'
m: 'That would be an excellent plan!'

Never a dull moment.

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PartnerInCrime said...

I'm trying to figure out what in God's name she's planning that involves a spider, a snake, & an octopus. You should probably be extra-careful next time she asks to go to the beach.

Anonymous said...

I assume you meant "commute" in both senses: as in commuting to day care, and as in commuting the topic of conversation. THat kid has some imagination!

Alphagal said...

Ha!! That's right. The commutative property of creepy things, demonstrated right there.