Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eighteen Nights, Seven Road Trips

E-baby and I returned Thrusday from a nearly three week long trip to Texas. Most of it was a work trip for me. All of it was vacation for her, spending time with my parents. I took a few days off in the middle for some fun. In spite of having her routine completely in shambles, changing cities (and beds) every couple of days, and being cared for by people she doesn't see much of, e-baby was remarkably graceful. She is still the road warrior princess.

The highlight of the trip was the annual family reunion camping and eating in Kerrville for Easter. This year, SNG and I were not the only people staying in cabins. The family rented an entire loop of cabins and a giant screen shelter (complete with a KITCHEN!) and a couple of traditional campsites for the dog owners in the bunch. It is disappointing that the park forbids pets in the group shelter area, but it was otherwise a flawless weekend. On Saturday, SNG, kiltman and I were the "adult supervision" for a group of 13 underage cousins (and a few cousins' friends) who wanted to go to the river for a swim. E-baby couldn't resist the peer pressure and HAD to get in for a swim with mommy. Neither of us had swimsuits, so I in my gym shorts and t-shirt and e-baby in her Be Peace Now shirt and Pampers got in. It was COLD and long after the other kids had made like lizards to sunbathe on the shore, e-baby couldn't be coaxed out of the water for love or money. The only way we got her out was to (change her clothes and) go play on the nearby playground. Girlie loves playgrounds. She is really good with the slide, stairs and tunnels, and is learning to swing on monkey bars. Which, yes, does give me a heart attack. I let her play on the low ones but she is always trying to go on the ones that are 5 feet up in the air. She'll get way up on a platform and just REACH OUT INTO THIN AIR for a thrill. She also wants to slide down the fire poles. Sorry, kid-- not gonna happen until you're big enough to say "I think I broke my leg."

All my pictures are at work, so I'll post them next week.


jgr4 said...

"not gonna happen until you're big enough to say 'I think I broke my leg.'"
You mean you haven't already taught her to say that in sign language?

Dad said...

That girl-child was far beyound graceful for the three weeks visit - she was captivating. We grandparents had a great time. The unhappy moments were few and far between, generally revolving around suddenly noticing that her Mommy was not here. I'll show you graceful: each morning in week three, she woke up crying. Susie would bring her into the kitchen, and when I asked if she wanted milk, she said "Uh huh!" When I handed her the warmed bottle I always got an unprompted "Thank YOU!" with that uplilted sound that an adult would say to a child, before it went into her mouth.
That kid is never still; always curious, always interested. She knew better than many adults that one primary responsibility of a good house guest is to entertain her hosts. She did that, in spades!
We enjoyed having her Mom here, too!!

Mom said...

We enjoyed having her DAD here, too! I wish he could have stayed longer.
And Kiltman! Super houseguest! I had a bad cold and he cooked and cleaned as well as entertained!
ebaby is the easiest child in the world to take care of! She's so interested in everything and she's so reasonable! If I didn't want her to touch something, I'd tell her it was dirty or dangerous and would hurt her. She would consider what I said and then move on. If I just took the object away without explanation, she would be furious! And the sure cure for the blues was to go outside! Just like her Mom and her uncle! We did LOTS of yard work!
She was eating one morning and then gave a sign and jabbered something to me. I couldn't understand her, so I asked what was she saying, and she looked me straight in the eye and enunciating each letter said "ow tuh" making the word out into a two syllable word. I got the picture and let her out.
Can't wait to see you all again!

PartnerInCrime said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. That's awesome. I know my folks would love to get that much uninterrupted Grandbaby Time.
And yeah, the monkey bars thing would scare the crap out of me too.

cat said...

What's really scary is that now she wants to monkey-bar on EVERYTHING, including the banisters on our staircase, the rails on her high chair, the stools in the kitchen,...
Jim, she can't sign that she has a broken leg yet, but SNG has taught her to say "Mommy, I want a puppy." Hoo-boy.

Granny said...

Re: E not wanting to get out of the water--WAIT TILL SHE SEES LAKE SUPERIOR! Wish I could see it with her!

Dad said...

I wonder what will be the first tree she climbs. You were about this age when Susie had to talk you down out of a tree in Ms. Brynor's yard.
Those 80-foot pines in your back yard might be a bit daunting, but if she spots a 15-20 foot dogwood (lots of low branches!), watch out!