Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Poet and Didn't Know It But His Toes Show It... They're Longfellows.
SNG will probably kill me for sharing this, but I overheard him talking to e-baby the other day and he (inadvertently) composed a poem:

Hi Sugar-pie--
And I know of which I speak.
We ate a lot of sugar pie one summer,
And you are just as sweet.

For the record, among seven people on the Quebec trip summer 2005, I estimate we ate 9 sugar pies. In 3 days we ate a pound of butter. Just... butter. I will not divulge the amount of poutine we ate.

All of his nicknames for e-baby are food-related, mostly fruit-themed:
Pumpkin pie
Sugar pie

Small fry
Tater tot

Most of my nicknames have to do with 70's pop-culture:
Dancing Queen
Cracklin' Rose
Freakout (le freak, c'est chic)

Love Bug
Little Liza Jane

or else are in another language:
Ma Petite chou-chou
Ma petite

Child won't know what the heck her real name is until the first time she gets into trouble and then it's "First-Middle-Last name, Young Lady..."


Cat said...

PS- If you're wondering what sugar pie is, here's yet another link to a recipe that'll make you hungry:

SNG said...

Yeah, except that the sugar-pie we were eating in Canada was made with maple sugar. So, it would be like that brown sugar recipe, only better.

PartnerInCrime said...

I love that you call her Funky Pants. I sometimes call Cate my little Cutie Pants. I'm not sure why, but putting the word "pants" on the end of anything just makes it funny.

MC Pee Pants said...

There's nothing funny about my name.

Cat said...

We used to call Goofch Mr. Stinky Pants. And when he had on no collar, he was Mr. No-Pants. he. Dog-pants are funny.

Cat said...

I only just realized that my link back to a blog entry for the Quebec trip...wasn't. Sorry, I will have to fix it later. That was the month of the Quebec trip but not a Quebec trip entry.

Eduth said...

Re Names: When Diana was a baby we had so many pet names for her that we almost never called her "Diana." We discovered this, much to our embarrassment in front of fellow grad students and their babies, when participating in a study having to do with babies' responses. We were to call to her from outside an enclosure where she was placed. We called and called "Diana" and she did not give any sign of recognition. We might as well not have been there! She just didn't know her given name at all.
And another sad commentary is that now I can't remember what any of those pet names were! Aaargh!

Lizardbreath said...

Ah, our future all laid out. We already call Catie our Little Sweetie and Little Girl but since she's still ineutero, well, we'll have to wait until she decides to meet us. We're ready but she has 12 more weeks to go. This is even longer than the normal deployment (6-7 months!). Did anyone else feel like they have been pregnant for a VERY LONG time?

Cat said...

Oh yes, I was pregnant for AT LEAST 18 months. And the first 10 weeks of Elizabeth's life lasted about 6 months. ;-) Time is starting to speed up now, though.
Twelve more weeks, that's more than 2/3 of the way. Closer and closer to single-digits.